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The “Samothraki Beach Boutique Hotel” (formerly Eroessa) is located on the south windward side of Samothraki on a lush 30-acre hill in front of the picturesque beaches of Makrilia and Lakkoma …



Plan ahead your vacation and combine a majestic view of the deep blue with a variety of health and meditation courses suitable for both beginner and advanced students.


The island once said inhibited by the Great Gods is an ideal location to plan your special day. Let us help you organize a dreamy wedding ceremony as you have envisioned it. Our hotel will gladly accommodate your family and guests and provide unique and unforgettable moments.


Discover the serenity and the amazing natural environment  of our island. The national parks and beautiful trails surrounding them offer a variety of routes that will please not only amateur but also skilled cyclists.


Samothraki is heaven on earth for every nature lover and enthusiast. Its natural beauty and numerous hidden treasures provide ideal exploration opportunities for hiking, canyoning and mountain climbing. Areas of impeccable beauty such as Gria Vathra, the Killer’s waterfalls and many more invite you to discover them.


Samothrace has a bounty of traditional flavours worth tasting. Free-range goats, fresh fishes, local cheeses, traditional deserts, haslamas and many more waiting for you tastes.


Since the Byzantine times, the sulfur warm springs in the lush – green village of Therma, are known for their healing effects, due to rare, active ingredients. You can make use of the public/municipal facilities of the Hydrotherapy Room for group or individual baths


Samothrace is renowned for its archaeological treasures, as the history of the island goes back to the depths of the Neolithic years and continues throughout antiquity, culminating in the flourishing of the Kavirian Mysteries that made ancient Samothrace known all over the world at that time.
Also in Samothrace, the visitor has the opportunity to meet the 999 small churches that are scattered throughout the more steep areas, highlighting the island’s rare historical and cultural wealth


Samothrace is rich in waters. Hundreds of small streams with gargle water that derives from Mount Saos, come rushing towards the sea. An abundance of water sources, which descend radially from the mountain, form escalating waterfalls and the famous “Vathres” meaning natural pools within the light colored rocks.
Also famous are the “Vathres” of the river Tsivdogianni, near Therma, from where the mountain climbing begins for Mount Feggari.

Samothraki Cruises

Live the authentic experience of a cruise / tour. Enjoy the innumerable beauties of the island which are located in the SE part of the island and are not accessible by the provincial road except by cruise ships such as Kremasto, Vatos, Karkanis etc.

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How to access the Island?

Access is only by ferry, with daily services.

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How to get to the hotel from the port?

Free transfer from the port of Kamariotissa to the Hotel is provided.

How can I rent a car?

We provide vehicles for all our customers at an extra charge per day.

Pets Allowed ?

Pets are not allowed

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